#DvKiBiwi Dhairya and Ayesha’s was a Gujarati-Sindhi wedding and had to have the best of both traditions. They have a unique love story where, they were born in the same bed, in the same room at the same hospital in Hong Kong a year apart. They went to the same school on the same bus every day while being oblivious of what the future had in store for them. After school, they went on their journeys across the world exploring themselves. It took a few encounters all the way in Shanghai to realize that they were meant to be.
The pool party started with a Helicopter entrance for the couple, followed by the Water Jet performer, Carnival performers, Mermaids, and open bars along with the fun you will see in the images.

Sangeet – The entrance was a huge red illuminated 3D lettered #ROYALTY, followed by a square tunnel decorated with milky bulbs. The venue for the event was the Dancing waters, with the center fountain converted into a dance floor and the hotel architecture being used for mapping. The Bride and Groom made an entry in a Hot Air Balloon. Gurdeep Mehndi and his band performed.



The wedding ceremony began with the Safa Tying ceremony held at the Pier, from where the Groom mounted on a horse along with his Royal procession consisting of Nasik Dhol and Turkish performers began the Baraat ceremony. The Vidhi Mandap was created near the main pool facing the ocean. It was formed in the shape of a large lotus with a traditional royal backdrop. While Dhairya and his Baraat reached the Var Mala Mandap, Ayesha entered on a Gondola.

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