Posted by Vaishali Mishra | 19/01/2021
How to Pick the Perfect Outfit For Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot?

When it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots, all that matters is that the photos catch the eyes of your friends and family. While the sights and scenery that a destination has...

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Posted by Vaishali Mishra | 29/12/2020

An enigma wrapped up in historical architecture, vibrant beaches and rich heritage; few of the numerous reasons why Mumbai makes an absolute best pre-wedding photoshoot backdrop. Join us as we...

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Posted by Vaishali Mishra | 16/11/2020
How to Hire a Wedding Photographer for Your Special Day?

A step by step guide to finding someone who will capture immaculate wedding photographs that you can cherish for life, so you must “focus” (see what we did there, eh...

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Posted by Vaishali Mishra | 20/10/2020
Sagar & Samreen – Partners in Joy from Kolhapur to Copenhagen

Sometimes love takes work and sometimes it just works itself out. It’s magical that way.  The Couple Sagar and Samreen (fondly known as Sam) were two people who were bonded...

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Posted by Vaishali Mishra | 22/09/2020
Gaurav & Nidhi – #Thefinalidea

They rose in Love because there can never be a falling with these two! Imagine a love story that is as exhilarating as the mightiest of roller coasters in the...

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