We generally are a chilled out and relaxing team to work with. We love to get creative in your comfort zone.

We treat the traditional wedding ceremony in the most morden cinematic clutter free, colour full, energetic with full essences emotions.

Well we do, Matter of fact we have shot a bride in 3 continents. That’s how far we go.

Usually we don’t want to generalise the delivery. We discuss with client the events and the feel.

A combination of few Insta teaser to 3-5 mins trailer to different sizes of full films or segments has variable inputs which are discussed in persons.

Film making is a process the more it bakes the better it gets, we have delivered a trailer on the same day to 8 months but on a average we deliver our trailer in 2-4 months followed by the film. Also depending on how busy or schedule is.

We have shot a wedding with 2 and a large wedding with 20. Team size depends on the need of the event the size of the event and the according to the expected deliveries.

We do have traditional teams so please don’t think to hire someone else on this job as we would not like to have another team on the same space simply for creative freedom which enables us clutter free films.

We have been booked on the same day of the event to a year in advance so please write to us and check with us on the dates. We will be happy to shoot with you.

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