Samarth x Shruti, Mumbai


Cupid strikes at the unlikeliest of the times and these surprising turn of events make the story memorable. Here’s a love story that started with a simple Hola! on Instagram and journeyed into the promise of a lifetime. Samarth, the groom, never realized that a freak football injury would lead him to his now-wife, Shruti and completely throw his checklist of his ideal wife out of the window. Endless conversations, sleepless nights and the exciting anticipation that made its way into their lives got them to realize that they have both met their the-one.

As their big day approached, we at 35mmcandids also were pretty excited to capture their magical story and turn it into a timeless memory. Sruti wanted us to make her look good and we sure did deliver! Precious moments, secret glances and bratty moves made their way into our camera. Families from both sides showered their love, blessings and good wishes without holding back. Love triumphs all and epic love stories deserve to be frozen in time forever and as the happy couple walked towards their new adventures, we were right there to freeze it for them.

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